Euromet Agrofood is owned by an important financial group of Sino European capital, with the main goal to expand the exportation from Europe to Asia markets.

We comply with International Trade Law, with full respect for the environment, the traditions and the laws of different regions and countries where we are involved.

We have established close partnership with many large enterprises home and abroad in order to explore Asia market and seek corporation in diversification. We focus on domestic whole sales, ended users and supermarkets channels. 

Thanks to the experience, knowledge and networking of our partners around Asia, especially in Chinese market, Euromet is developing as a large enterprise, with a deep knowledge of the need of different markets where we are presenting.

Our head office is located in Girona, centre of one of biggest production areas of pigs in Spain, which puts us next to the largest pig slaughterhouses. Besides we are just one hour from Barcelona and thirty minutes from the France border.

Our beliefs

We believe that businesses are to serve people, not people to serve business.

We believe in professional relationships should be created based on honesty and transparency.

We believe in people.

We believe that emotional bridges help the communication flow more easily.

We believe that the best way to consolidate our business is through close partnerships with our customers and suppliers.

We only believe long term business 

We believe in the win win business.

We were established in 2012, starting our activity in 2013. We are a young company, with a spectacular projection. In 2014 we tripled the turnover from the first year and our projection for the 2015 is to double the sales of the 2014.

If you need more detailed information about any aspect of the company is at your disposal